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Welcome to the Roman Gelembjuk's blog
Getting keywords of the text

I have written simple Perl script that extracts keywords from the text.

The tool is avaliable to play with the link http://gelembjuk.com/cgi-bin/science/textmining/1/keywords.pl

This tool extracts all words from text, remembers each word count of repeating and then leave most used words as keywords. Also words are filtered , some common words are dropped from the list.

Last Updated on Friday, 19 February 2010 14:27
Site update

At last i updated my site. Old version was run at 2005 with Joomla 1.0 . I decided to in the front of web technologies and use latest version of best CMS Joomla.

Also i was not able to show demos for Joomla 1.5 on older version.

And another reason to update was security level .

Old site is still avaliable with address http://old.gelembjuk.com

SMEStorage php sample

I have did some libs for SMEStorage.com API . Also i communicated with programmers that used SMEStorage API and i found that most difficult thing is to start using this API. For example, creating a folder or uploading a file. And next things are easy is this first tasks are done.

There i will describe how to create folder in SMEStorage with php.

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2010 12:46
Welcome to Roman Gelembjuk's blog
Hello All.
This is blog of Roman Gelembjuk .
I have updated my personal website . Old version will be available with address http://old.gelembjuk.com
Now i will try to post my blog more interesting info.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 December 2009 15:19
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