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Roman Gelembjuk
Future of higher education PDF Print E-mail

By Roman Gelembjuk

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Will higher education system differ in future?

To get the answer on this question we need to understand if is everything all right in higher education. If modern higher education system is correct and everyone (or almost everyone) is happy with it then no need in changes. But if there are problems then we can expect changes.

Does modern higher education system have problems? If we care only about USA and West Europe (and other developed countries) then we could say “Higher Education will slowly transform under the influence of technology. All core principles will stay unchanged”. The reason is obvious. Developed countries built good higher education system. It filters gifted and talented children and allow them to get higher education for free or for low price. Such system seems even and, in general, satisfies the requirements of society. Of course, there are problems. On my opinion, on of biggest problems is not reasonable value for money . Nevertheless, imbalance is not sufficiently serious to accelerate changes.

What about developing countries? Population of such countries is bigger then in developed countries and there is no fair higher education system. Many gifted and talented children have no chance to get higher education. The have choice – pay big price to get good higher education or pay less money to get low quality education (formal higher education without real background) or get nothing and lose chance to go up with social ladder. What if they get some alternative that are cheaper then traditional higher education? They definitely need the alternative because something is better then nothing.

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Sharing my experience in PHP programming. Error caching, Social login, Templaters, Email formatting/sending PDF Print E-mail

After 13 years of PHP programming I decided to share some experience . In my Github profile https://github.com/Gelembjuk i uploaded couple my classes/packages which can be useful for other developers.

For now I have shared 4 packages. All are also available with the Composer (https://packagist.org/) and are very easy to install (as any package available in composer listings)


gelembjuk/logger in composer, https://github.com/Gelembjuk/logger in Github.

The package contains classes for logging, error catching and display.

ErrorScreen class helps to catch different types of errors, PHP Exceptions, Warnings and Fatal errors, log error information and display correct error screen to a user depending on expected formats (html, json, xml, http).

FileLogger class based on Psr/Log helps to filter what to log. You can set On/Off different log groups. The main idea of this class is to help to debug big applications. But it would also work as a normal "everyday" logger to a file. It is used in my other packages/classes but can be replaced with any other Psr/Log logger.

ApplicationLogger trait helps to add logging functionality in different classes very easy. You don't need to care about such methods like log(),debug(), setLogger(), getLogger() etc. In your classes when this trait is used. Is really useful big big applications with many classes .


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How i edited PHP files on remote FTP server online PDF Print E-mail

Recently i was out home and office. And i had to do quick bug fix on one of my sites.

I get chance to use notebook of my friend . But there was no any PHP editor or even goof FTP client tool.  I was not able to install any software on that notebook.

I found nice solution to edit my code online with SMEStorage service.

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Site update PDF Print E-mail

At last i updated my site. Old version was run at 2005 with Joomla 1.0 . I decided to in the front of web technologies and use latest version of best CMS Joomla.

Also i was not able to show demos for Joomla 1.5 on older version.

And another reason to update was security level .

Old site is still avaliable with address http://old.gelembjuk.com

Sentiment analysis of financial news PDF Print E-mail

What doest it mean to get sentiment of the text? There are a lot of scientific researches on this subject. Most of them are focused on getting sentiment of text that is "some review of something". For example, movie reviews.

Some technologies allows to categorize texts for private "emotional" texts and just facts. And sentiments are recognized only for private texts that contains someone's thoughts, that really can be sentimental.

I am interested in sentimental analysis of business news.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 October 2010 14:37
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