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Imagine you have a databases created with MySQL (or other SQL server). You need to share this database with some community and allow write access. And because of trust problem, there can not be any “master” nodes or any special administrating roles with special permissions. Additionally, there is no 100% trust to all users who will want to use a database, however, you expect to have the DB working.

In other words, you need to create a distributed ledger. Best and most known technology to convert your local database to a distributed ledger is a blockchain.

How to do this?

How many coding will it require to join your MySQL DB with a blockchain tools?

What if your local DB already has a GUI and you want to reuse it in your distributed ledger too?

Some time ago I had this question. I didn’t find a solution that time.

And I got an idea to create the tool.

The idea

I would like to have a tool that can do all work related to replication of data between copies of same databases managed by different people. I want to work on my DApp business logic as easy as on any centralised application, like a web site or a desktop app storing a data in a local database. In my DApp I don’t want to think about how data changes are delivered to other instances of an app.

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