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MOOC (massive open online courses) become popular more and more. Lots of people are involved in a discussion about MOOC. E-Learning portals publish news and press releases related to MOOC every day. Millions of students learn courses and leave their feedback. One of most popular discussions related to MOOCs is about if is this possible MOOCs replace traditional higher education.

Many experts think it is too early to say about real revolution in higher education as MOOC can not ensure getting of all skills a student can get in a college. A practice aspect of education process is missed. And also a college atmosphere is very important thing and can not be compensated with something when a student learns with MOOCs.

MOOC providers don't have alternative for things outlined above. But someone other can provide alternatives to that things. And this is good business opportunity to offer services around MOOCs aimed to replace traditional college things missed in MOOCs.

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