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Most quick way to access different file clouds on Linux PDF Print E-mail

I have tested a lot of tool and services to store files online. I chosen SMEStorage.com and use it now.

I found then most problem of online storage services is speed of accessing file.

If you need to get some file from your cloud you must to:

  • start browser
  • open site (ex. smestorage.com)
  • login to site
  • open page with files
  • sometimes you must to browse folders and this is new page/data loading for each folder

What to do if you have to get 1 file very quick and with bad Internet connection?

I found simple solution that works fine with slow connections. This is Linux Drive from SMEStorage and Midnight Commander.

Linux Drive is tool that mounts SMEStorage file system to local file system (on linux).

It is possible to browse SMEStorage file system with any filemanager after it is mounted. But, usually, linux filemanagers (in different distributions) try to preload some files (documents, images) to create thumbnails . This is not good. Because time needed to load all files from remote server .

I found easy solution - using Midnight Commander. This filemanager doesn't load any files . That is why it works very fast with SMEStorage.

So now when i want to get some file very quick from my cloud i:

  • Run SMEStorage Linux Drive and mount it
  • Run Midnight Commander
  • Browse folders and get file

This is very fast!




Last Updated on Thursday, 15 April 2010 13:35