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Extract useful content from a HTML page using Go PDF Print E-mail

I started to learn Go (golang) programming language. As a first problem i decided to code "Hello, world!" a tool to extract useful content from a HTML page.

How does it work.

I use the goquery package to convert a HTML page to well structured DOM tree.

Next step is to drop all nodes (tags) from a HTML page that are not useful at all. Like, script, style, head etc.

Then for each mode of a tree (starting from a top level node) i repeat a function recursively. The function detects if  a node has subnodes.

If yes, then the function checks how a text is distributed between child nodes of a node.

If a text is distributed relatively evenly, then current node is what we are looking for and a text from it is returned as a result.

If a text is gathered mainly in one of subnodes, then a function is executed for this subnode recursively.

To detect if a text is distributed evenly to get total length of all text (ignoring HTML) in a node and then calculate a Mean Deviation of lengths of a text in each subnode. Having this 2 values i am checking if a Mean Deviation is relatively small to a full text length. If yes , then the text is distributed relatively evenly.

There is the code! https://github.com/Gelembjuk/articletext


package main

import (

func main() {

    url := os.Args[1]
    text, err := articletext.GetArticleTextFromUrl(url)

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