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Business opportunities around MOOC PDF Print E-mail

MOOC (massive open online courses) become popular more and more. Lots of people are involved in a discussion about MOOC. E-Learning portals publish news and press releases related to MOOC every day. Millions of students learn courses and leave their feedback. One of most popular discussions related to MOOCs is about if is this possible MOOCs replace traditional higher education.

Many experts think it is too early to say about real revolution in higher education as MOOC can not ensure getting of all skills a student can get in a college. A practice aspect of education process is missed. And also a college atmosphere is very important thing and can not be compensated with something when a student learns with MOOCs.

MOOC providers don't have alternative for things outlined above. But someone other can provide alternatives to that things. And this is good business opportunity to offer services around MOOCs aimed to replace traditional college things missed in MOOCs.

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Future of higher education PDF Print E-mail

By Roman Gelembjuk

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Will higher education system differ in future?

To get the answer on this question we need to understand if is everything all right in higher education. If modern higher education system is correct and everyone (or almost everyone) is happy with it then no need in changes. But if there are problems then we can expect changes.

Does modern higher education system have problems? If we care only about USA and West Europe (and other developed countries) then we could say “Higher Education will slowly transform under the influence of technology. All core principles will stay unchanged”. The reason is obvious. Developed countries built good higher education system. It filters gifted and talented children and allow them to get higher education for free or for low price. Such system seems even and, in general, satisfies the requirements of society. Of course, there are problems. On my opinion, on of biggest problems is not reasonable value for money . Nevertheless, imbalance is not sufficiently serious to accelerate changes.

What about developing countries? Population of such countries is bigger then in developed countries and there is no fair higher education system. Many gifted and talented children have no chance to get higher education. The have choice – pay big price to get good higher education or pay less money to get low quality education (formal higher education without real background) or get nothing and lose chance to go up with social ladder. What if they get some alternative that are cheaper then traditional higher education? They definitely need the alternative because something is better then nothing.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 November 2012 13:31
Using sentiment analysis to predict FOREX quotes PDF Print E-mail

I worked on some tools for News4Trader.com . That service has algorithm for sentiment analysis of business news. For each message there is list of Tags and sentiment (positive or negative) for each tag . Sentiment is calculated using Sentiment Analysis methods.

Using gathered data we tried to use Tags' sentiments for prediction of Forex quotes

Business news sentiment analysis. First results PDF Print E-mail

I have completed first version of News Sentiment Analysis tool.

Some live results can be found at this page - Business News Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis of financial news PDF Print E-mail

What doest it mean to get sentiment of the text? There are a lot of scientific researches on this subject. Most of them are focused on getting sentiment of text that is "some review of something". For example, movie reviews.

Some technologies allows to categorize texts for private "emotional" texts and just facts. And sentiments are recognized only for private texts that contains someone's thoughts, that really can be sentimental.

I am interested in sentimental analysis of business news.

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