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There you can download files. This directory run with SMEStorage Joomla component. The component itself can be downloaded there too.

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There are some Joomla modules and another tool that are related to Finance and Business.

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This is Joomla 1.5 component that displays file directory

This is Joomla component for managing files directory. This is Joomla 1.5 native component.

Current version of the component is 1.2 .


Use this compoennt if you want to setup files directory on your Joomla site.

Installation and using of the compoennt is very easy and quick.

1. Register account with SMEStorage (

2. Install this component.

3. Set up SMEStorage account info in component admin side.

4. Upload files/create folders in your SMEStorage account. All will be displayed on the site.


Joomla Similar Articles

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Similar Articles Joomla 1.5 plugin searches most related articles for the opened article and show the list of found articles.

Similarity is calculated by Article title (subject).

The demo of the plugin can be found at


SMEStorage public

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This is Joomla module that displays public files from SMEStorage.

The modules can shows general public files timeline. Or files can be filtered by username and tag.


The module is good as quick downloads are for the site.