How to extract key phrases from a text Print

Extracting keyphrases from a text is more complex task then extracting keywords from a text. But, usually, keyphrases are more useful in text mining tasks then just keywords.

I have created Perl script that extracts keyphrases from the text.



Phrase is any sequence of 2 or more words that is repeated in text 2 or more times.

The script extracts words' sequences from the text that are most repeated. Then find phrases that are similar to another found phrases and remove them. Last step is to remove some common phrases that are used often but are not useful (like "he said" or "on the").

I have used data from Google  News for testing.

It is possible see how Perl scripts extracts keyphrases from the text. There is list of latest news from Google News service. Click link against news message and see keyphrases. Then open message and see if keyphrases are correct.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 16:21